Most children love to own a pet. Those who are lucky to have understanding parents get their wish. Pets range from a dog, cat, parrot, gold fish, and a hamster and for others even a chicken.

Why do some parents allow their children to have pets and others do not want to hear anything about having a pet in their houses?

Reasons for not having pets vary from, being allergic to pets, especially cats. Other people just don’t love pets. For those who stay in rented properties their reasons could be that the landlord does not allow pets in their properties.

Could these be the only reasons? Those who owns pets regards them as their best companions.  I think a lot of people will own a pet if they can only know how to live with it.

The other main reason people do not want pets is because they hate cleaning after the pets. Cleaning their droppings and removing their furs from the furniture inside the house.

If you love your pets but not like the fur sticking on your clothes, it would be better to invest in a monthly duty call to a business doing carpet cleaning in Portsmouth.

It is true that pet fur could be unhygienic especially if it is on every piece of upholstery in the house. But is this a pet’s fault or rather than the owners? Trained properly, pets can be very clean and one would not even notice. Just ask those around you who have pets.

Some people believe a cat is a better pet than a dog because cats have this inherent hygiene aspect to them. They clean themselves and they respect their surroundings. With all their cleanliness, cat owners still use the Portsmouth carpet cleaners to clean their furniture.

Pets are not responsible for making a house filthy. A house without pets that is not regularly cleaned will soon develop an unpleasant odour. Whether you have a pet or not.

Parents or guardians, next time your children you ask for a pet, be it a dog or a cat, do not give the pet will make the house dirty speech. Instead make your children happy by granting them their wish to own a pet.

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Source by Callum Palmer