How to pet a caterpillar

Caterpillar can make great pets for both kids and adults. All you have to do is give them some personal space and handle them delicately. Why pet a caterpillar after all? It is because a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly once it transforms into the larvae stage, and who would say no to having a pet butterfly in their personal space? Here, I’ll tell you about how to take care of a caterpillar if you ever make plans to bring one into your life.

1. The environment you provide for you caterpillar should have twigs and leaves, and must at least be thrice the size of the caterpillar. If you have plans of adopting multiple caterpillars, make sure their space is large enough. There shouldn’t be any sharp objects present in the region. Even though a caterpillar rarely moves a lot, you need to take care of these measures.

2. Caterpillar love eating all types of leaves. Make sure you never leave the little fellow hungry. It is easy to feed a caterpillar. Get a variety of leaves and just place it in its home. If it is put in a small cup of water, it is even better, because water preserves the leaves for a long time.

3. Make sure the temperature suits the caterpillar. Different species grow under their own terms when it comes to temperature, and having a wrong one might be detrimental to its growth.

After this, the caterpillar evolves into pupae. Let’s see about that in the upcoming article!

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