Another extremely popular choice is the White’s Tree Frog. Their nickname has become ‘Smiling Frog’ and it is pretty obvious to see why when you look at the picture opposite. The frog has a beaming grin!
They are also known as the ‘Dumpy Tree Frog’ due to their lovable, rather chubby shape.

Their scientific name is Litoria Caerulea and they are native to Australia and New Guinea. The species was also introduced to the USA and New Zealand. They can reach 10cms in length.
The White’s Tree Frog is an especially docile and placid species of frog. They are nocturnal and spend their daylight hours resting in a dark, moist and cool area.

In the wild, they prefer to find a tree canopy within close proximity to a water source, preferably a body of still water. They have been known to inhabit swamps where they live among the reeds or grasslands. People have found these frogs within their downpipes and guttering before as they have been drawn to the damp and dark atmosphere there.

The diet of the White’s Tree Frog consistent mainly of spiders and insects which it catches by flicking its sticky tongue out onto the prey. Larger morsels are pounced up by the frog and pushed into its mouth by the use of its arms. Its native predators consist of snakes, birds and some lizards.

The coloration of the White’s Tree Frog varies from green through to brown and this is dependent on the environment’s temperature and also the location’s color. Some of the frogs will also possess some white, small and oddly shaped spots on their backs, the number of these strange markings actually increase as the individual frog grows older. Their eyes are a beautiful golden color and they have remarkable disc-shaped ‘suction’ pads on the end of their toes.

The pads allow the White’s Tree Frog to climb trees with great agility; they often encounter a gymnast as they gracefully climb through the trees. The frog’s finger digits are approximately one third webbed with their toes being about three-quarters webbed.

This species of frog has become increasingly popular as an exotic pet due to its comical look. It is also a very placid frog and reliably easy to care for.

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Source by Andrew Williums