Arkansas White River continues to attract trout fishing enthusiasts. Its cold water is an amazing spot for fishing rainbow and brown trout. The tailwaters from Bull Shoals Dam in the middle of the towns of Lakeview and Bull Shoals, Arkansas are stocked with 9-inch rainbows that do not seem to discriminate bait. The river is truly a rich source of rainbows and all that a fly fisherman has to do is to get through them and look for the perfect fish.

Most large trout hide off the current. They usually take these pockets of water as their sanctuary. Stocked trout fish look for these currents and seem to flourish in the waves. Brown trout however remain your best bet as a trophy fish. They can easily be caught undercover in still and calm waters. You can also put your bet on 20-inch rainbows that ordinarily stay away from the dam.

Searching for the kind of trout you are looking for can both be exciting and fun. You paddle across the water in search for them, except that you are not allowed near the dam where the turbines are turning. When you paddle away from it, rise in water is ordinarily preceded by alert sirens as a warning that water levels may be rising.

Most experts will tell you that you can easily catch big trout in pockets of water as the river expands out. These pockets of water can be found on both banks where you can see tree stumps, up until the end of the trail. Near the right side of the river or towards its southern part, you can as well find some gently flowing flats. Along these areas, big trout can be found.

A two-pound brownie will prove to be a fight. Along with your natural strength, throwing a muddler minnow near these stumps will give you added power to strip it back. You will notice that there are grasses hanging over the flats and when released, the trout will be there looming larger than life.

Also, you are advised not to try a black PT. Some natives have already tried this but without success. The best way to do this is perhaps to go to the hare’s ear. Casting rods, on the other hand, will prove to be a difficult task. You may have to cast them a couple of times until the nymph can get through the overhanging grass.

Catching your prized trophy requires persistence. Always watch out for the best indicator before you make your strike. You must understand that a successful battle with your rod is half the challenge.

These spots in the White River are quite a rich source of trout. But finding and catching your prize will prove to be a difficult task, unless you have the required persistence and an eye for where you can best get your trout.

Resorts abound along the White River. Some fly fishermen stay in these resorts while taking their time in their hunt for trout. One of the best resorts in the area is White River Inn. It provides everything fly fishermen need. It is located a couple of miles downstream from the dam.

Source by James Field