On a land where mankind hasn’t made its initial steps of life, we can’t expect much of other life forms either. But, there have been pictures that have been circulating around the internet and yes, they are going viral faster than we ever anticipated. Alien hunters just found out a lizard-like something on Mars. The image sparsely looks like a chameleon-shaped figure, but there are chances that it might just be a rock. There are some people who believe that NASA’s pictures are absolutely true and have already started debating on whether this is a solid life form or just a piece of rock. Others have an ideology that NASA has never been to Mars yet!

There are a lot of theorists who strongly believe that NASA’s rovers never left the surface of the earth. Well, what can we say? The images of Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon still remains a debate topic of immense heat. Russians are among those people who have this ideology. Apart all this, there have been other leaked images of weird things that have been spotted on Mars. Check this link out to find out about more guesses about if something looks like an animal or not! Stay tuned for more updates!

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