Bed bugs are among most irritating insects that disturb us in sleep.  When we try for a tight or profound sleep, they bite us and make us awake from sleep.

This annoying pest is getting flourished even in today’s modern households.

Bed bugs are, first and foremost, blamed for skin annoyances. They may feast you at the time of your sleeping. Consequently, when you wake up in the morning you get blood-red and swollen parts over your body.

How would you recognize them?

Bed bugs are small, wingless creatures that creep into furniture surfaces, beds, floor and walls and hide them from human eye during daytime.  They prefer to live in crevices, small holes in furniture, under your bed, cracks in floors, walls and ceiling. They consider your bed as their perfect paradise and when you come to your bed for sleeping at night they, pretending you as gust, welcome you with their bites.

They are so clever and annoying that during daytime they hide them under mattress, beds and furniture and they get out from their hiding place at night.

These are the main reasons that make you to be determined to kill them with your optimum efforts.

Killing bed bugs is really an arduous task.

How to kill bed bugs

There are a handful of ways to kill bed bugs. The most effective and safest method is using insect powders, insecticides and pesticides. These insecticides and pesticides are easily accessible and you can get it for sale in the market. Many among these are noxious and poisonous. As you don’t need any prescription or license to buy them, so be careful at the time of your purchasing.

The lion-share part of the insecticides available in the marketplace comes in the form of spray, as spray is the most efficient and effective form to carry out harmful chemicals. When you spray insecticides, they destroy bed bugs’ protective skin on surface.

In this solution contains powdered silicon and glass granules. Some insecticides effective for bed bug killing are Allethrin, Pyrethrins, Deltamethrin, Permethrin, Cyfluthrin, Bactericide, Pyrethrins, Chlorfenapyr

So to get rid of this bed bug, you can apply these insecticides. But it is advisable to take some careful steps before spraying. You should cover your mouth and nose perfectly and then cover your whole body. Don’t go to inhale insecticides. Be careful so that the insecticides might not come in contact to your eyes. After spraying, wash your hands and face with soap.

Source by andrew hornby