Twitter has been seeing the most craziest things these days and this one is no exception. Someone released a bunch of turkeys circling around a dead cat. It went viral for no reason and it wasn’t too long before people realized that the birds were actually paying their last rights to the departed soul. When a human dies, the rest of them mourn for their loss in silence. This has been in practice for centuries now. But, this act of condolence portrayed by birds is just bewildering and makes us question how animals and birds have learned from us, or even better, have we learned this from them?


The pivot of the question is, turkeys and cats are two different animals. It would be logical only if the turkeys had paid homage to another dead turkey, but instead, they respect the death of a cat too. Do we have something to learn from this? Yes, we do. These birds have shown us that respect can be given to anyone and everyone, no matter what their form, gender, or caste is. But, we humans do not follow this, do we? This is just plain unity in diversity the turkeys have displayed at the loss of another animal. Hope you learn something from this too! Stay tuned for more!

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