Feeding Your Turtles Red Eared Slider

Most pet turtles red eared sliders among them, are mainly herbivorous in the wild and will survive on vegetables including carrots, lettuce or cabbage or fruits such as berries. Some owners may also include earthworms or live insects such as crickets, beetles or spiders. You may also obtina commercial turtle food to ensure that your turtle is getting all of the nutrition it needs. One thing will happen is that the red eared slider’s diet will change as they grow older. As they mature, they tend to be more herbivorous, sticking to fruits and vegetables.

Choosing The Ideal Habitat For Your Turtles Red Eared Slider

Creating the right habitat for your turtles red eared slider turtles included, is important. The size of your aquarium will depend on the size of your turtle. One rule of thumb is to have ten gallons of water for every inch of turtle. The type of lighting in your turtle’s tank is another important factor. Turtles require sunlight for proper bone growth and vitamin synthesis. If turtles don’t get natural sunlight, it would be a good idea to buy a fluorescent light or other light designed specially for reptiles. Finally, you should remove matter that could harm the turtle if they consume, as things like woods chips or other organic materials can be hazardous to your turtle’s health.

Choosing the right temperature for your turtles, red eared slider turtles included, is essential. Something that is crucial for your pet turtle is to try to make sure it stays warm. Many turtles will hibernate in the winter in the wild, but if you are keeping your pet turtle inside, it will not hibernate and it is crucial to make sure they do not get exposed to very frigid temperatures. You can lower the temperature 5-10 degrees at night. You’ll find plenty of other great resources that talk about caring for turtles red eared slider. Also, check out my other articles for additional information on on turtles red eared slider, building a red eared slider aquarium and pond and caring for baby red eared sliders.

Source by Byron Joseph