Meet Graeme Hall, the dog father, who has trained more than 4300 dogs in his lifetime. The number includes almost all breeds of dogs including the ones that have wild, fierce and had behavioral problems. But, this time, he was given an arduous task of training a fox. Guess what he did? He accepted the task as if it was a cakewalk for him. He says that a fox is much different than a dog, but it can be trained in a way that is pretty much similar to training a dog. In fact, according to him, foxes are really powerful animals that are fit enough to pull from the lead position. A lot of people come to him to get their problems solved and yes, he has solved all of them!


It is all about getting the mentality of the dog right, says Graeme Hall. Some owners are too desperate just because they have badly behaving dogs. He teaches the owners some techniques that will make sure the dog sees them in a higher position under the limelight and eventually listens to them. With over a decade of experience, he sure is the boss of his game. But, he has faced failures on his way here too.

A few years ago, he was bitten by a German Shepherd so badly that he had to fix his hand with an operation.

But, what he’s doing now is an amazing job. Helping owners cope up with their hard-to-train dogs, is indeed an art!

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