Kids are curious by nature, and get very excited to learn about those things that are not apparent, and that they are not able to see. When you ask them what stories they want to listen to, the most common answer would be that they would like to listen to stories of wild animals or some dangerous and exciting stories. Kids have their own world of imagination, and they are excited to add more knowledge to that. Children have the general tendency of sharing information with friends, and as soon as they gather some, they would like to share immediately. So, if you are thinking of teaching your kid about wild animals you better start with the stories about wild animals that will arouse their interests. They would become engrossed and would like to know more about the lions, tigers, wolves etc, after listening to such stories.

The next step that you need to take is shown them pictures in books or on the internet and make your kids identify the animals with their names. You have all the information on the internet to show your kids, the origin of animals, their eating habits, behavior, likes and dislikes etc. You will see that your child is getting interested in the topic and then you can also tell your kids how these wild animals such as lions, tigers, wolves, etc are facing dangers these days, in this modern world.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is the age of your child. Your child should be old enough to grasp such things that you’re telling them. A smaller child might not be able to associate with such things and land up getting scared rather than interested. Thus you’ll end up doing more harm than good.

It is always better to educate your child with pictures or with information gathered from the internet or magazines. Show them everything and explain it directly on the computer or books, so that they believe what they see. Children like to see pictures as it makes what your telling them all the more interesting. Explain to your kids all the information and patiently answer any questions that they may have. For sure they’ll have plenty!

If you can manage, take your kid on a trip to any national park and learn about the safety tips before entering. This you can do if your child is big enough and will understand and cooperate with you to look out for wild animals. In fact, even a zoo is a good idea to look at wild animals. The zoo probably is a safer bet, as the animals are confined to their cages or spaces and children feel more sage. If your kids are old enough to understand the effects of the modern world on lions, tigers and other wild animals, then you can explain that to them as well.

Teaching kids about wild animals can be fun and interesting, you can also explain to them the difference between a wild animal and a pet, that you keep at home.

Source by Victor Epand