Sugar gliders are animals that are omnivorous, which are found to eat different types of food such as meat. Here are some foods that are included in sugar glider diet.

* Apples

* Sweet potatoes

* Sunflower seeds

* Raisins, plums, pineapple and papayas

* Oranges, peanut butter, pears and honey drew

* Corn, cherries, dried fruits and eggs

* Honey, grapes and apricot

* Applesauce on the baby’s food formula

However, cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli are not good for the sugar glider. So, these foods should be excluded from the list for the sugar glider diet. These foods have the properties of gas producing that is not good on the body of the animal. Chopping-up the different type of foods and putting them on different types of the container might help its diet. This way, owners can provide a variety of food to their pet during feeding.

Sorts of insects could also be included in their diet. On their natural habitat, sugar glider eats varieties of fruits and also insects, don’t deny the chance to feed them with insects while they are been domesticated. Feeding them with insects is like to be done often not every day.

Sugar glider can easily increase their weight because they cannot move more freely when they are been confined. Lack of movement of female sugar glider can cause impairment of vision or even blindness to their newborn young’s because of the fatty deposits on their eyes.

Controlling the sugar glider diet and regularly measuring its weight can help to correct these irregularities. One cause of this condition is the too much eating of nuts which is rich in fat and protein. To prevent this condition, it is advisable to minimize its protein and fat intake and maximized its exercise. Reducing its weight can be hard but it’s worth it.

Having a sugar glider diet plan is really important, because, they accept foods in a certain few days and refuse the same food after a week. Sugar glider can be hard to feed; owners can be frustrated on them. Also, diet plan can really help a lot in feeding them so that they may become healthy and full of energy.

Sugar gliders have different personalities and tastes in their foods. Finding the right food for them can be difficult and needs time. Searching for the right food is time-consuming, but if the owner finally found the right food that fit their appetite, they can be easy to feed. Foods that are found on the local market such as frozen mixed fruits and vegetables can help on their diet; this is one thing that an owner should remember so that they can easily feed the animal. On the other hand, Fresh water should be also put on its diet plan and should be consumed every day. Also, always remember that the best water for the animal is fresh water, tap water cannot be the best because it has chemical content that makes the water clean.

Also, having the sugar glider diet plan generally depends on your pets. If the pet is still hungry when morning time comes, feed it with just a small amount and a little more in the evening. Owners could also try to mix its foods so that they could enjoy it often.

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Source by Joel Ashton