When the families much loved pet dog starts to play up or is a naughty dog it can be quite a stressful time for all that are involved. We might love them more than they could ever know, but is it fair that just because we show them love and affection that we can expect them to understand what we want from them in return. Is it possible then that we have a naughty dog based on input and signals that we have been giving?

Would Your Dog Do a Good Job as Head of the Household?

Obviously dogs are nothing like humans and yet in some cases we converse and try and relate to them as if they are by showing them love, care, and affection and although we perceive this as good karma the dog can often misinterpret this and start to play-up or become a naughty dog.

So what is naughty behaviour for a dog?

Destructive Chewing

Digging up the garden or flower-beds

Jumping on the furniture

Misbehaving on the leash

Nipping or play biting

Barking uncontrollably

Or even pulling Granny around in her wheelchair

In some cases the dog can even become aggressive, which a big no-no and totally unacceptable if around children especially small babies.

One of the biggest causes for a dog to be a naughty dog is based on lack of understanding and that is on both sides. This means the owner could be sending out certain signals to the dog that he/she is interpreting as allowing him to become leader of the pack, this in turn allows him to think that he can pretty much get away with anything without being challenged. This is of course totally unacceptable for all involved.

So what is the answer?

Dog domination is important for a mutually beneficial and happy life. A lot of people cringe when they hear the expression dog domination, but what they fail to realise is that not only does the dog expect this as he/she is predominately a pack animal, but it is not a question of being horrible or nasty to the dog in any way.

It is more a case of getting him/her to understand exactly what his/her role is within the family and what is expected of him/her.  These days there is no need for any problematic behaviour to be constant from our pet dogs as there is a wealth of knowledge that can help or assist us in any area at our fingertips.

There is nothing more pleasing than to have a loving dog that knows and understands it’s place within the family circle.

99.9% of the time most naughty dog issues can be resolved by a little encouraging tuition from dog training. Whether this extends to going to dog training classes or following some good solid instruction depends mainly on the owner’s income and time availability.

Teaching a dog anything can be made easy by learning and using the correct training techniques. There are plenty of Secrets to Dog Training that very few pet owners are aware of that make training your dog as easy as following A, B, C. The Best Dog Training Guide online has helped over 200,000 dog owners so far and is well worth you reviewing

Source by Clive Anderson