If your dog’s excessive barking is causing you greif, you are not alone.  Dog barking issues are a common compalint among pet owners. If your pet has a barking problem that is making you crazy, here’s how to fix it and finally regain some peace and quiet in your life.

Putting a stop to this behavior is like any other type of dog training. There are a number of techniques that you can use to curb your pet’s unwanted vocalization. Basic training methods can be used to control a barking dog and to teach your pet when enough is enough. Eventually your dog can be trained to respond to hand signals or voice commands that let them know it’s time to stop. This approach takes time and dedication on your part but works for most pets and all types of problem habits.

If basic training is failing, there is another option to persue.  Dog bark control collars can be helpful in teaching your pet to be quiet. Today’s bark collars are safe and effective. In addition to the standard and somewhat controversial static collars, you can choose from collars that use sound or bursts of air (with or without citronella) to discourage barking. Collars activate themselves when the dog barks making them useful for controlling this habit even when you are not home.

Of course it is good to understand why your pet is acting this way in the first place. What exactly does cause some dogs to bark excessively? A dog will bark for perfectly natural and normal reasons. They may bark to alert you of danger or to get your attention. Some also carry on out of boredom or excitement. While they don’t do it just to annoy you, excessive barking can be very troublesome for a pet owner (or neighbor) who just wants a moment of peace. Luckily with a bit of training and time, you can successfully put an end to this habit and regain your sanity.

Source by Beth K Harrod