Animals Hunts
Cats, dogs, pigs, birds and even sheep are all human’s friends. We are fair on the earth; we don’t have the right to kill anything that i think so.
The unnecessary hunting of animals is harmful to the environment from which they come. If an animal becomes rare or endangered in an area, then any other animals or plants in that environment are also affected, due to the disruption of the food chain. For instance, if a major prey animal dies out, then all its predators will also suffer from starvation. Also, if all the predators are wiped out, the prey will become overpopulated, and use all of their food.
The prevention of hunting animals to extinction is a very important thing that we all need to do. If one animal becomes extinct it will inevitably lead to the extinction of other animals connected to the original in the food chain. The more animals that become extinct, the worse the world’s situation will become.
I think as sentiment human beings we could learn only to hunt the animals that we need to eat and let the other animals take care of themselves. Another possibility is that we could breed animals just for
Animals are our future, so if we kill all the cuddly and different creatures we will live in a very boring world. Is this statement a fair summary of the reasons for conserving the animal population, or is it a simplistic, rubbish argument?
Hunting animals must be abandoned, if not, we will be punished by the earth.
If you don’t believe it, u can have a try, but u will be punished one day.
Nowadays, people always think about themselves, and seldom care about the animals around them. They are also living things like a human being. Unfortunately, some animals were hunted, eaten and even sold. This is an abominable thing which despised the animal. In order to prevent hunting animals, we should take some actions to protect them and punish the criminals. First, the animal’s habitat should be built in a quiet and clean place. Then, volunteers are needed to work for the association of protecting the animal. To propagate the knowledge of protecting animals to people is also very important.
Animals are our friends!
The hunters hunt the animal-like elephants, tigers, bears, giant pandas, reindeers, and different kinds of birds. They do it just for money. They cut the elephants’ ivory, tigers’ teeth, reindeers’ antlers, bears’ paw and most of the animals’ fur. Because of it the numbers of animals become small and small.
Stop doing it, animals always help us, but we do nothing and hurt them.

Source by Markis Gardner