No matter what you do, you never mess with the king of the jungle! The terrifying, yet gorgeous lions, are called so for their dominating character over their territory. Even the most courageous man would get his legs trembling on the sound of a lion’s roar! These facts are sure to boggle your mind and will make you reassess your knowledge about lions!

1. Lions live in groups called prides. They are nothing, but big cats. A pride is often a family. They love, fight, and defend themselves and their territory.

2. Even though the male is the king of the jungle, the female does most of the hunting. They bring back the food back home for a family dinner!

3. You thought pandas are the only lazy animals out there? No. Lions tend to sleep and rest for 16-20 hours per day. As the daylight fades, their activity level increases, and they can be found highly active at nights.

4. Lionesses are the most caring in the herd. They even have the heart to give space to neglected cubs, thus giving them a chance to survive. Lion cubs are extremely active and playful!

5. Did you know that a lion’s roar can travel a distance of 8km? This is how they communicate with each other.

6. Lions have some astonishing skills when it comes to hunting in the dark. They have night vision and are sensitive to light 6 times more than humans.

7. Lionesses mate with the ones that have darker and longer manes.

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