This story is there for all people who love reptiles, such a very little because snakes are now listed as dangerous animals. Snakes on the planet live longer than men. Snakes have been 350 thousand years in this world and they were there in time known dinosaurs.

Today there are many kinds of snakes some of which are very dangerous for people and some are not dangerous. Snakes are dangerous for humans only if they feel that they are vulnerable. This is the reason because they happened in the past that the man kills the snakes. Today the world there are many types of snakes that are endangered because in the last 40 or 30 years, world population grew a lot and their home has disappeared.

How are their homes disappeared each year more and more by the time they are decreasing more and more because they had nowhere to live or were driven out. Today very much takes care of preservation of nature and the environment in which we live as well because this reptile and all other animals should be the sum because it is their homes and those that live more than 200 thousand years. In North America, the most popular types of snakes are the Ball Python.

This snake can be seen in forests everywhere in America. It is in all parts of the States and the largest of all types of snakes that live in the state. Ball Python is fed to all animals such as mouse, fox, rabbit, birds and other-other animals. She has a great advantage compared to other reptiles because it has a very dangerous poison. She used a poison which has to be defended and that caught their prey, which he wants.

The most known snake that lives today in South America is Anaconda. Anaconda is a carnivore and likes to eat meat. Her favorite foods are other types of snakes, foxes, cats, birds, and sometimes known to eat big and strong and Cayman.

Source by Bojan Jop