Octopus derives its name from a Greek word. Octopus means ‘eight-footed’ in Greek! Over 200 species of Octopuses are said to exist right now and all of them live in oceans and near coral reefs.

Let’s see some interesting facts about this animal!

octopus1img1. Octopuses are invertebrates. This means that they are boneless creatures. This is exactly why this animal loses its shape when pulled out of water.
2. The head of an octopus is called a mantle and it is surrounded by 8 arms called tentacles. The vital organs of an octopus are located inside its head.
3. The mouth of an octopus looks like a parrot’s beak. In fact, this is a beak. Octopuses use this for eating.
4. There are about 240 suction cups in one tentacle of an octopus. They use this power to grab on to crabs and fish!
5. The blood of an octopus is blue in color!
6. Octopuses are the only animals that have 3 functioning hearts!
7. Though boneless, they have one of the best functioning nervous systems! Experiments have revealed that octopuses can solve puzzles and can identify various patterns.

8. Many people believe that this well-built nervous system makes the octopus feel pain during operation, and thus recommend the use of anaesthesia.
9. When in danger, octopuses eject dark ink that will confuse the predators.
10. The tentacles of an octopus can regenerate themselves!

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