Your doggie is now a part of your family, and surely, you’ll want to do everything to keep dog health problems away. One way you can accomplish this goal is to make certain that you feed your dog with healthy food for dogs, to be specific, natural dog food. Here are some of the reasons why you should give your pet natural meals, and other pointers on ensuring that your puppy eats something that’s good for its health:

One of the main reasons why natural foods or holistic foods should be fed to pets is that they are rich in vitamins, specifically vitamins C and E. Vitamin C makes bones stronger, while vitamin E is good for the skin and coat of your furry friend. Dog health problems are also prevented by beta carotene usually found in healthy food for dogs since beta-carotene eradicates toxins or free radicals, making pets’ bodies stronger in fighting against bacteria, virus, and other things that bring about illnesses or diseases.

When you feed your dog with natural dog food, you can also expect a boost in its levels of energy. You’ll observe your pet prancing around and run around happily, being in ‘good mood’, and the like, if you regularly let it have a healthy diet. If you notice your darling pet having skin allergies, those may also be a result of feeding it with unhealthy foods. Skin problems, you see, are part of the list of common dog health problems that may stem from not being able to give doggies healthy food for dogs. Holistic or organic meals have no artificial preservatives and pesticides and are actually made up of good quality grains aside from many meat protein sources, thereby protecting your pet against skin infections.

Natural dog food can also take care of your doggie’s digestive system. Because of the absence of chemical additives and unhealthy fillers, upset stomach occurrences are lessened, plus, the stools that come out of your dog’s body are firmer – signs that he or she has become healthier. Gastrointestinal problems are part of the most recurrent dog health problems that take place if owners are unable to feed their pets with healthy food for dogs. If you want to reduce these issues or conditions, you should make it a point to feed your dog with holistic, all natural, or organic meals daily.

To ensure that what you’ll be giving your pet is natural dog food, better check the labels of the food products you buy for it first before making a purchase. There should be protein sources in the list of ingredients such as chicken meal, lamb meal, etc, and as much as possible, there should be the absence of animal by-products. Creating do it yourself healthy food for dogs is also recommended. You can combine protein rich ingredients such as lamb, beef, or chicken, with carbohydrate sources like rice, potatoes, oats, plus finely chopped vegetables, and cook them in a little oil, or you can add some stock, water, and then mash them all together.

Source by Karen Winton