Comb Duck

Warbels and Waders (WW) reported a count of 3117 waterbirds belonging to 43 different species in Polachira wetlands of Kollam district in the God’s own country, Kerala. Compared to many other states all over the country, Kerala is one state that has always stuck to its roots of staying a nature oriented agricultural land without becoming an industrial byproduct. The report stated sighting of comb ducks and Eurasian wigeon! These birds are very rare visitors of this state. But, one bird has been a first-time visitor this time. the newcomer is none other than the Eurasian spoonbill. Other birds like marsh sandpipers, black winged stilts were also spotted. The main reason behind Kerala garnering a lot of birds is because it is located on the coast of India which welcomes all the migrating species with a perfect mix of moisture and warmth. Moreover, Kerala is a land of fresh air as it is not industrialized beyond the threshold. All credit goes to the state’s government that gives equal shared to the development of nature and agriculture! Maybe, we should learn from Kerala!

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