Animals are useful to mankind in many ways. Every animal fits into the system of nature. Imagine what would the world be if there were no animals in the jungles, no birds chirping in the morning, no honey bees making honey, no fishes in the ponds, no trees, flowers and fruits. Our surroundings would be empty.  The most important function of animals to mankind is probably as a provider of food. Animal domestication, which began some 12000 years ago, has solved man’s most urgent need that is the need for a food supply on a permanent basis, instead of hunting and food gathering.

Sadly, many of us do not understand the value of these innocent animals and torture them in many ways. Every hour of every day of every week it happens all around us. Thousands of helpless animals are ruthlessly beaten, starved, locked up by their owners. In some cases, neighbors or authorities witness these acts of hatred and can intervene to help the animal recover and find a new, real home. Many pets, however, are not lucky, and often times, their only way out of such a living hell is death.Abusing is a form of showing cruelty in action. Animal abuse has been overlooked for quite some time since the animal is not really related to human. Some of the people keep pets just to release their anger or to release their tensions at work or at home. There are two types of animal abuse where one is via action and another one is in passive form. Passive forms include improper care to the pets such as the insufficient amount of food and drinks, no proper shelter for the pets and never care about their hygiene. These are all the attention which have been overlooked by the owners.Another type of animal abuse is by doing unnecessary harm to the animals. Many pet dogs are forced by their owner to undergo painful, unnecessary procedures such as ear-cropping and tail-docking to give certain breeds the so-called desirable traits. Disfiguring surgery causes the dog great suffering. We force them to suffer for no good reason and still call them a pet.

Another practice performed on the dogs is ear cropping. A portion of the dog’s ear is surgically removed. Ear cropping is also done only for the fancy of the owners. Cropping too is a sort of standard for some of the breeds, a purely cosmetic procedure done to keep the ears of the dog pointed and erect and has no good reason for the poor creature. The procedure is painful and also leads to the stress on the part of the animal due to unnecessary surgery and anesthesia.

Since these animals are an important part of our life, we should try our best to protect them and see that they are not killed or tortured. They need our love and care. Preventing animal abuse is the best way to help stop it. There are several ways to stop animal cruelty. Many online platforms are working towards this. One of such platform is Here you can raise your voice against animal abuse through online debates, online campaigns and online petitions. This will help create awareness among people and they will gradually stop abusing the animals.

Source by Halabol Team