Fleas and Ticks can cause a lot of problems to pets and it is important that we take adequate steps to protect them. There are a lot of different ways to control flea and ticks and today’s pet owner has a lot of choices. Among the various categories of products available today, topical and oral medications are the most popular Flea and Tick treatments.

Topical Flea and Tick treatment include spot-on products such as Frontline Plus for Dogs, K9 Advantix for Dogs, Advantage for Dogs and Advantage for Cats, etc. These medicines are monthly applications that are applied directly on the skin. Since most of the spot-on products are water-resistant, moisture does not affect them. This allows the pet to continue to swim and bathe even after the application of medicines. Spot on products are the most commonly used products to control flea and ticks as these are OTC products, readily available and easy to apply and last for 30 days.

In oral flea treatment, a monthly administration of a pill protects your pet from fleas. Some of the popular and more effective oral treatments are Program Plus and Capstar. It is important to bear in mind that oral flea treatments do not offer any protection against ticks. It is therefore recommended that a tick collar is used along with it.

Flea & Tick collars, if used correctly, prove quite effective. Most of these collars start working in 24 hours and control fleas and ticks for up to 3 months. These collars release repellent chemicals at regular intervals which spread through the pet’s natural oils on its hair, coat and skin. These flea killing chemicals then adhere to the hair and skin and provide continuous protection. Flea collars are convenient to use and prove highly effective during infestations, especially if your pet spends a lot of time outdoors.

Dips can be another option for Flea and Tick Control for Dogs and cats. As the term suggests, the animal is literally immersed in the dip and then the product is allowed to dry on the skin. A flea dip is a fairly effective way of eliminating fleas present on the pet at that time however it is recommended not to use them too frequently.

Whichever method you chose to use, please ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and disposal. Also keep in mind that along with keeping your pet free from flea and ticks, it is also important to eliminate fleas and ticks from the pet’s immediate environment like the pet’s bedding and your house and yard. This can be by using products like carpet powders, sprays and foggers. Sprays can come handy as they kill adult fleas and inhibit the growth of new fleas. Similarly, foggers are good for outdoors and very useful in highly flea infested areas. Carpet powders allow you to remove fleas from carpets, furniture cushions and pet’s bedding. Bear in mind that these treatments need to be repeated at regular intervals for ideal flea & tick control.

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