There are many complaints from pet owners about their dogs eating feces. This behavior is also called coprophagia and this means eating feces from an animal. This problem could be a result of many factors like pancreatic insufficiency, digestive diseases and disorders such as malabsorption of food particles, over-feeding, under-feeding, fatty foods that are rich in saturated oils, anxiety or stress.

There are various studies regarding the real cause of this pet issue. Some theorize that dogs which were punished by owners for defecating improperly may think defecating is wrong, so they try to get rid of any evidence. There are also studies suggesting that coprophagy is a characteristic passed down through the ages. Wolves may have often eaten feces if food is in short supply. In some cases, coprophagy may be a behavior learned from watching other animals. It may also occur in the course of having to try out the taste of everything and then continuing this habit simply because they liked how it tasted. But, whatever the real reason behind dogs eating their stools, what is important is to be able to prevent them from doing so.

Looking for a cure for this strange dilemma is actually difficult. But there are different strategies available that could help pet owners control their dogs. Owners can stop their dogs from eating feces by picking it up. But it has to be done immediately after the dog pooped so the pet will not have any chance to get near it. There are also several chemicals and additives that claim to solve this problem. Natural products include pumpkin seeds, mints and pineapple. Some owners also use some chemicals to make the feces taste horrible. There are products available that are intended for this purpose. Using a muzzle is also a practical solution to prevent the pets from eating their own feces. Just like any other bad pet habits, eating feces can be prevented if the pets can be properly trained. By introducing another good behavior, a dog can forget about eating feces. Verbal commands could also be taught to the pets. Adding toys to the pet could be used as diversionary tactics. Owners should also look for something that is more fun for the dog than eating its own stool. What is important is that owners do not punish their dogs for eating feces.

It is common for a dog to eat his own feces or the feces of another animal, but proper training and other supplements can solve this problem. Dogs may contract illness from eating feces. Worms and other parasites can also be transmitted through ingesting these. This situation is not just something that owners want their dogs to do. Stopping the pets from eating their stools needs tremendous effort. Through the owners’ initiative, pets could not only be prevented from doing something gross, but they could also be saved from illness. There is no verified reason why dogs eat their own feces or the feces of other animals but there are ways to prevent them from doing so.

Source by Gerald Hartenhoff