Bengal Tigers are not the only ones that are finding it hard to stride their way through in this world. The one’s in the polar areas of the world are facing extinction too. We’re definitely talking about the Polar bears here. Let’s hear a fact: Do you know what adult polar bears hunt? They hunt each other. When a malnourished female polar bear is hungry, it kills its own child for appetite. This is not the reason why their numbers are down. It was designed by evolution and it will continue to go on. But, the main reason behind their extinction is hunting. Humans hunt down polar bears. This practice has been there since ancient times.

With the increase in temperature, the amount of sea ice decreases. Polar bears survive on sea ice and because of this, they’re dying slowly. To put it in simple words, this process is called global warming. This term is not naive to us anymore. We’ve heard it more than anything when it comes to talks about extinction of species. A polar bear uses its fur to protect itself from cold. What will happen if we take that away? Oil spills take a toll on this factor. They increase the toxicity of sea water around the polar bears and this results in them losing their furs. After this happens, it won’t be able to protect itself from cold anymore and will eventually fade out of existence. We can tell measures to help them survive in a better world. But, what use will it be of when we all already know it? What use will it be of when you’re not going to follow it anyway? Have we become too insensitive? It’s not soon before long until the same this happens to us, until nature avenges herself.