The animals you have observed different in many ways. However, they also have common characteristics. Take for example the case of the bearded dragon lizard. It is very unique because it has a peculiar feature that differs from the rest – its beard.

Although the term sounded like a human beard, the beard on these amazing types of lizards is more like a protruded skin with tiny spines attached.

The reason why these lizards were called bearded dragon lizards is that their spines puff up whenever they are troubled, upset, or have come across with an enemy. When puffed up, these spines look like beard. Color changes may also take place, with distinguishable darker hues.

Bearded dragon lizards are inhabitants of Central Australia. They live in various forms of habitat, such as grasslands, desserts, and woodlands.

Most of the time, bearded dragon lizards thrive on trees and on the land. Typically, these types of lizards are settled on twigs of shrubs.

Bearded dragon lizards are “cold blooded” reptiles, falling under the family of “Agamidae” or the lizard family. Being cold-blooded means they usually take the same temperature that their environment has. Here, if their surround is hot, their body temperature is hot as well. If it is cold, they have cold body temperatures also.

Unlike any other types of lizards, bearded dragon lizards are considered one of the best species to take care of as pets. They are very quiet and would love to be touched and clutched most of the time.

Bearded dragon lizards are diurnal animals. This means that they are sleep most of the day because they stay awake at night. Here, you can take many pictures of a bearded dragon lizard during the day. That is the only time you can watch them pose and shoot them with your best shot.

You can find many pictures of bearded dragon lizard on the Internet. You can even find the different kinds of bearded dragon lizards just by looking at their pictures.

Pictures of bearded dragon lizards are mostly taken on unguarded moments. Shots of the amazing docility of these lizards have been the primary subject of most photographers.

By just looking at the pictures of bearded dragon lizards, you can almost see and identify the personality of these reptiles. They can be very quiet and behaved most of the time, but can also be very fiercely especially when there is an enemy around.

Some pictures of bearded dragon lizards entail their ideal habitats if in case they will be taken home as pets. Some pictures will tell you that the ideal home habitat for a bearded dragon lizard is in a “glass aquarium” with a screen on the top.

Appropriate lighting should also be used to provide the right temperature for these reptiles. Since they are cold-blooded reptiles, it is best that you keep one part of the tank cold and the other part hot. You can achieve this by placing some lights that will generate the cold and warm temperature within the tank.

You can also see some pictures of bearded dragon lizards with their caretakers. Pictures like these show how tamed and passive these reptiles can be.

Indeed, pictures of a bearded dragon lizards will tell you so much about its habitat, its origin, and some other things that will make you understand its existence. As they say, a picture can paint a thousand words. So if you want to more about bearded dragon lizards, try to look for their pictures first.

Source by Michael Torresi