Sometimes in life things happen that just can’t be anticipated. Occasionally, it’s a good thing, which can bring posterity and fortune, but at other times the worst can happen. When it comes to your pet, a serious illness can be a very distressing and trying time for you, for a multitude of reasons. No matter the cause, there are many ways to deal with such issues.

Financially, illnesses can provide a lot of stress for any pet owner. Repeat tests, prescriptions, surgery; all these can rack up unwanted costs that can put pressure on you and your family. This problem can be the most daunting, but also the easiest to alleviate. With good pet insurance, you can be covered properly from disaster, giving you, at the very least, peace of mind when it comes to dealing with your vet.

Your pet is a part of the family and a serious illness can affect you very much in the same way that a serious illness in a human family member would. You can feel upset, to the point of depression, if your pet develops an illness that is debilitating or forces a change be that in personality or behaviour. Unfortunately this is a psychological side-affect to the relationship you have with your pet, but you should try and look to the bright side – not only will your pet pick up on your mood, but by acting more positive you can reassure your pet when times are low and even help them speed up recovery with encouragement.


To fight back against illness, always research everything there is to know about the illness. It is said that ‘knowledge is power’ and by understanding the cause of your pets discomfort, you can work on making their lives more comfortable and avoiding those things that may exacerbate the problem. Ask your vet for tips on how to comfort your pet and what you can change in order to accommodate the problem, and try to see what it is your pet would prefer to do now that they’re ill; if that means more sleeping in the sun, try to spend time with them, keeping them company and even talk to them a little. Reinforce that you are there and enjoy the time you spend with your pet – positivity and encouragement can be a good antidote when your pet seems down.

Finally, don’t forget that illness isn’t the end. Consult with your vet about everything that you can do to help, and your vet can prescribe any medicines that may be necessary to cut pain or help with stiff joints. You mean the world to your pets, so keep them safe and healthy when you can.

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Source by Nathan Ayling