Rabbits are anyway the most loved and cuddled pets by both children and grown-ups alike. However, they need proper care and attention like all other pet animals. Since most of the pet rabbits are kept indoors, it is essential that you need to take good care of them to maintain its cleanliness and health.

These fluffy friends also have its own emotional needs. Rabbits are known to love human company and they are happier when their masters are around. They are very playful and love to have fun. If you or your family is out most of the day, your pet may feel left alone. So, make it a point to play with them whenever you are at home to form an intimate relationship with your pet which they cherish very much. Shower them sufficient attention and they will be hopping around you with joy.

Equally important is the safety of the rabbits. Although they love to be in the company of other animals also, your other pets like cats and dogs may not always be happy to see rabbits in the house. Some dogs and cats may love rabbits and play with them while some others will try to harm them even if you have kicked the rabbits in a cage. More than physically harming the rabbits, the other animals can scare them very much and sometimes even harass them to death. Make sure that your other pets cannot reach the rabbit cage or the rabbits feel safe in their cages even if a mischievous cat or dog tries to disturb it.

Rabbits would like to have its space. Cages must have sufficient space for them to move around freely and they must be put in a quiet place where they can rest or sleep when the day’s playtime is over. They like peace while they rest; So keep the rabbit cages away from all noises. If the rabbits are kept in outside hutches, they must be properly insulated from extreme weather conditions. The hutches must be authenticated in long stands that keep the rabbits off the ground and secure from the attack of other animals.

Cleanliness is an important aspect of rabbit care. Clean rabbit droppings on a regular basis to prevent odor and other health hazards. You also need to take good care of the hair of the rabbit. Brush it hair once a day. It would be a good idea to trim the hair as this will help in keeping the hair free from mats and easy to groom.

Give your pets special rabbit food that contains fibers that rabbits require in its diet. Also give them fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots, cabbage, broccoli, apple, banana, etc. Rabbits like to chew all the time. It is a good idea to give them toys and hay to chew on. Regular annual vaccination is also necessary to keep your pet rabbits healthy and free from illness. Give timely treatment for infections and fleas.

And, most importantly, give them a lot of love and freedom. Do not lock them up in cages all the time. Allow them to hop around in a room when you are away for a long time. Remember is to lock the room to keep it safe from other animals and keep electric cords away from the rabbit.

Source by Mohd Aizat Hassan