Who doesn’t love giving their pets or fellow pet lovers’ gifts, whether for Christmas, their birthday, or any other holiday throughout the year that you may celebrate! You could give them typical pet gifts like toys, balls, or even a little knitted sweater. But why not give them something that’s truly unique, and made specifically for them? A personalized pet food container is the perfect choice!

Paw Print Products – Personalized Food Containers For Your Pets

Paw Print Products got into the business of making quality pet food containers because they love animals, and only want the best for them. That’s why they sell containers that are made of the safest, highest quality materials, that are easily stored, and keep your pet’s food fresher for longer. They also make great personalized pet gifts! Perfect for the any pet lover!

These cat and dog food storage containers are made from high quality plastic that is FDA approved, and come with an air-tight lid that is sure to keep your pet’s food free from oxygen and insect contamination. You’ll be left with nothing but fresh pet food!

These custom containers are easy to design and order. If you’ve got a large breed, you’ll want to choose the large size that holds up to 26 pounds of dry food. Smaller breeds will do well with containers that hold up to 18 pounds of dry food.  When you consider the high cost of pet food, these containers will pay for themselves in a year – but will last the life of your pet or longer.

Personalize Your Pet’s Food Container!

After selecting the size, the fun part comes in! Start by choosing the colour. The containers come in red, white and blue. Get into the personalizing by adding a photo of your furry friend, along with their name in the font of your choice! If you’ve got a favorite saying that you love, why not include that too to really personalize the container!   See examples on the website.  You can also preview your creation before you order.

There are also pre-designed pails if you haven’t got a specific photo that you’d like to use. If you’ve got a Golden Retriever, for example, they’d be happy to include of a photo of a dog of this breed on the pail for you!

The High pet quality food containers at Paw Print Products really do make the best personalized pet gifts! Order yours today by visiting www.PawPrintProducts.ca!  Containers can be shipped anywhere in the USA or Canada.

Source by Samantha Stewart