Although owls are declaring quite quickly throughout the world, there are still some that are up for sale in the market, especially in Europe. However, advice that is usually given about owls is that you should never think of having one because owls do not make pets. It has actually been considered illegal in some countries. There are states in America that have set up a law requiring owls to be handled only by those people who are qualified and licensed individuals.

One reason why owls do not make good pets is because of their instinct that is much linked to killing, which makes them destructive. Owl’s talons are very sharp and they can be very dangerous to a human being. Qualified bird handlers also have fallen victims of an owls attack. Owls are ideally active at night and so they can give you a lot of trouble at night, especially during the mating season. Owls do not make good pets because they are considered as one of those birds that have a long life span and so intending to keep one becomes a lifetime commitment. There are those that can live for well over 20 years with some small species living for about 10 years. The specialized treatments required do not make owls good pets. If you are the caregiver you need to learn about their diet, signs of illness and the behaviors related to them. You also need to know that owls are carnivores and they require a regular supply of meat.

Source by Christine Rafii