Birds make great companions and they deserve a caring and responsible owner. In most cases people just aren’t engaged or smart enough to handle the responsibility of a pet bird. I am one of those people. Growing up I had two different birds, a blue parakeet named Azul and a yellow parakeet named Amarillo, yes I wasn’t exactly clever in the name choosing department, but I was eight so give me a break. Well unfortunately, both of my lovely parakeets died under my car. Azul lasted for about a month, while Amarillo only lasted about a week. Needless to say it was rather traumatic for an eight-year old, so I’m here to tell you simple ways to avoid murdering your pet bird and forever traumatizing your children.

1. First you should never give the immense responsibility of caring for an innocent, vulnerable pet bird to that of an eight-year old. Children are stupid and they aren’t able to effectively take care of a bird, no matter how mature they may seem. Birds need food and water daily, and most children aren’t even capable of remembering that. So if you should decide to get a pet bird for your family, make sure someone over the age of 16 is the primary caregiver.

2. Keep your bird warm. If you live in a wintry climate, drafts can be deadly for your pet bird. I fear that this may have been the determining factor in both Azul and Amarillo’s untimely and mysterious deaths. So never place the cage near a window or a door. Also avoid hotspots as well, by this I mean never put the bird cage near your stove or a radiator, but I hope you already know and practice this.

3. Never walk down the stairs with your bird on your shoulders. This may seem like a harmless act, but think about what would happen if you fell. I’ve heard plenty of teary stories where a kid is walking down the stairs with his beloved pet on his shoulder then he slips and rolls over his dear bird. So be cautious and think these things through or your bird is going to end up dead.

4. Keep your windows closed. Yes if your bird is able to effectively escape your clutches it may be great for him or her initially, but you’ll never be able to catch your bird and he or she isn’t likely to survive outside for long without your care.

Avoiding these common blunders, along with watering and feeding your bird on a regular basis should keep him or her healthy for a little while.

Source by Kasan Groupe