large spider

Caroline Sayuri Fukushima just discovered three new species of bird-eating tarantulas that were found in the tropical jungles of Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil. The mystery that prevailed for over 100 years has finally been un-meddled and untangled. As the classification of these spiders was always considered a huge mess, they had gone unnoticed all these years. Fukushima, along with her colleagues at the Instituto Butantan, had sorted out the genus that was first detailed in 1818. Having started from a Avicularia species over 50, they managed to narrow it down to 12 among which these undiscovered spiders were noted. All of these spiders were found to live in trees in the tropical jungles. These spiders were found to be eating small birds like bats! They were around 4-6 inches long.

The one from Brazil has been identified to be A. caei, and it looks like it can only be found in Brazil.

A Caei Spider

A. lynnae has been identified in Ecuador and Peru.


The third one, A. merianae, can be found only in Peru.


A bird-eating spider, which was considered a fantasy, has finally come to life! All the way to this point, people thought Ms. Fukushima was wrong, until now. Now, people know how a tarantula becomes an Avicularia. This is one of the major breakthroughs in recent times! The next time you see a spider on a tree, you’ll first think about Ms. Fukushima, wouldn’t you?

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