Ever wondered if this Wednesday would end up being National Pig Day? This holiday was first initiated and founded by sisters Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne Rave in the year 1972 in Carolina! This is because, it is hard to not find a pig in Carolina where barbeque is the king of business, and of course, Carolinians have an immense love for barbeque. The sisters just wanted to create awareness on the importance of pigs and show that they are just fine swine! Do you think you know all about pigs? Here are some cool facts!

– There are about 2 billion pigs in this world. All of the species have a deep sense of smell!
– But sadly, pigs are the leaders when it comes to passing on diseases to humans. Talk about swine flu!
– Pigs are very peace and rarely show any signs of aggression and impatience.
– If you remember the Chinese Zodiac, you can recollect that pig is the last animal that comes in the list!
– Pigs are one of primary sources of food for the tigers!
– Pigs are exceptionally clean animals. They distance their eating space from their toilets.
– They are smarter than children of 3 years of age, and even dogs!
– Pigs are social animals and can mingle very well with humans. Just make sure you don’t do anything scary!

Liked these facts? Let’s celebrate National Pig Day!
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