One more case of animal cruelty has knocked our door today. In Southwest Miami-Dade, a dog was found dead tied to a tree. The body was discovered by a volunteer who feeds stray dogs around the locality. A few days ago, a specific Kayla Harris, along with two others, had reported to the Miami Dade’s County that a dog had been tied to a tree and left for dead. She had used an app on her cellphone to file this report on February 12th, 2017. Even after 8 days after the complaint was registered, no help came. The dog was still there. The officials never turned up and now, the dog is dead. The poor soul departed without receiving any kind of assistance and help. When the locals found out that none of the contact animal welfare officials came up front to help, they decided to call the police.

After the police came, they contacted Director Alex Munoz of Miami-Dade Animal Services to investigate this issue in detail.

He reverted to them telling that the complaint came as “Dead Animal Pickup”. When he went to the spot, he never found any dog and the case was immediately closed. But, he said that if the report was filed under animal cruelty, this issue would’ve been handled even more sensitively.

Both the Animal Services and Police department are investigating to find out who is responsible for the dead of this dog. But, all this is a combined fuzz of insincerity of the Animal Services and, yes, the locals too. If you find a dog chained to a tree for days, why not go and free it yourself? Is that a crime? How pathetic is the human race?

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