It has been stressed again and again. Scraps from your dining table are meant for garbage and not for your dog’s consumption. They are ultimately unhealthy as they are basically composed of food ingredients that may be healthy for humans but not appropriate for your pet dog.

However, you do not always need to run to a pet store for your dog food. You can use food ingredients that can be found at home to make your preparation a breeze. You just have to know the right things to use for your homemade dog treats.

Feed According to Breed

One of the things you should keep in mind is that dog food may be determined according to your dog’s breed or kind.

For Labrador Retrievers, it is important that you incorporate sunflower seed oil or fish oil to keep their coats healthy and shiny. You should also turn to large breed dog food, especially if your lab is not subjected to joint supplements. If it is, you could choose non-large breed dog food.

It would be wise if you also make consultations with a veterinarian regarding food choices that will help give your dog the most nutrients and minerals its body needs.

The No-No’s

You should also learn what you should not use as dog treats for Labradors. Some people have the impression that giving their labs a chunk of fat from beef sirloin would help beautify their coats but that is definitely not a healthy choice. Would you give your pet dog something that will be bad for their health? Especially when there is a healthier option, you should try to avoid those unhealthy options because it could cause indigestion every so often. If you are to give your dog table scraps, make sure that it is unseasoned, free from fats, and is in a portion size of a dime. That’s all is acceptable. Anything more than a size of a dime, with regards to unseasoned meats, is no longer appropriate.

What to Do

The safest homemade treats for your Labrador is a few fruits, vegetables, and cereals. They are good for your dog’s digestive system and are sure not to upset its intestinal tract. You can give your pet a piece of bone, occasionally, to give it some jaw exercise. Then again, if you want to be safe rather than be sorry, you would choose rawhide or nylon bones, which are widely available in online and in-land stores.

Source by Steven Takashi