Macaws are strikingly beautiful birds and can make great pets, especially when they are obtained at a young age. Wild macaws are found in Eastern Panama (in Central America) through much of South America to Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina. They can reach sizes as large as 90cm (36 inches). Macaws can be very tame and are usually tender and devoted to their owners. They can learn to mimic voices but usually not the extra that some other bird breeds can. Macaws have a musky odor which is typically fairly mild. Macaws breed so so they are not a difficult bird to obtain as a pet.

Housing a macaw can be difficult because of their large size. They are also very intelligent birds and can learn to escape from their cages often by watching their owner open the door and learning how to release the fastening device on their own. It is a good idea to use a pad lock in addition to the cages built in latch. If you obtain a macaw you want to select a cage that is designed for large birds. Macaws have incredibly strong beaks so you must choose a cage and perches made from a sturdy material. Check the welding on your cage to make sure that it is sturdy and does not have sharp edges that could potentially cut your bird. You may consider selecting a cage that has been drilled as well as welded.

Source by Kimberly J Miller