Pets serve many different purposes in our lives. From making us feel wanted to adding a little more meaning to life, they bring light to many people’s world. Different pets require different amounts of care and attention. If you are looking to become a first time pet owner or would like to have a pet of some kind but don’t have an abundance of extra time to spend caring for an animal there are some low maintenance pets that might fit you or your lifestyle. Let’s go over a few of these pets.

Fish can be the ultimate low maintenance pet. Sure, some people set up complex aquariums that require a lot of time to look after but a small to medium sized fish tank with a small collection of fresh water fish doesn’t require a lot of attention. Daily feeding and cleaning the water every couple of weeks is about all it takes. Setting up an automatic feeder and filtration system further reduces the time needed to have pet fish.

Birds, like fish, can be low maintenance or high maintenance depending on what kind you choose. Some exotic birds require a lot of care. There are many types of birds that only require a simple diet and minimum grooming. Common birds like finches and lovebirds don’t require near the time of the exotic species. Parakeets and hummingbirds are easy to care for, as well. Birds will, also, give you some songs to enjoy.

If you would like a pet that you can be a little more personal with consider getting a cat. Cats are clean animals that groom themselves. They are independent and will be perfectly happy with a stable diet, clean water, and a few toys. Most cats will curl up on the couch with you from time to time. They can, also, help defend your place from rodent invasions.

Source by Derrick Anderson