There are a few unique lessons you pick up as you practice the way of the fisherman that become so deeply ingrained in your soul that whatever may happen they will always be with you and as such you will be applying them in your everyday existence.

These types of abilities are generally acquired steadily right up until they grow into an essential element of your way of looking at life. They become second nature to you and are in effect your guiding values. Each one of these had to be learned and practiced as you fished, and as you have lived.
Being Patient.
One of the first things that a fisherman has to contend with is frustration. The antidote is patience. The need for patience goes hand in hand with fishing and must grow into a skill. You will find many different types of days when fishing. You will have excellent times and lousy days, and yet each one of these requires a little bit of patience and sometimes more than just a little. Sounds like life and in life as in fishing patience delivers benefits (as well as much less tension).Will Power.
There is a time when trees and under water obstacles seem to take up much more of your efforts than the actual fishing. As long as you keep your mind set on your goal, and have the will power to continue even when things are going wrong, you will succeed. Then suddenly a day will come when not only do you catch an odd fish, but you begin to catch more and more. This is a direct result of having the will to continue. In life something decidedly similar happens.
Being Prepared.
On a few occasions a fisherman will be so impatient to rush out and catch something that he won’t check his equipment and when the moment arrives he finds either the line all tangled up, or with out his lures or any of a hundred things that can happen to his gear, has happened. Be prepared and check your gear. In life, both business and personal, being prepared or anticipating your and others needs will be of great benefit to you.
Being Observant.
Lift your head up, look around. Stop and watch your surroundings. There, next to that boulder by the tree, there is a small pool and if you watch closely you will see a swarm of very small flies, and beneath that you will see, for a split second, a flash of silver. You can then place a small fly on your taper and go for that spot. You will find there isĀ  a remarkable difference between looking and observing. You can look at something without being aware but when you are in an observant mode it isn’t simply your vision that is engaged, all of your sensory faculties and your brain get involved. Any time you are fishing feel the brief and hardly noticeable changes in the air, in the water and around you. If you can conquer this skill and apply it at other times you will not only have an advantage over the majority of people, but will also find your life to be much fuller.
To recap: Being patient, applying your will power, being prepared and observant, these are skills that will stand you in good stead wherever you are. Fishing hones these skills for you until they become second nature.

Source by Philip Robinson