Hopefully most of you out there are considering getting a leonberger dog right now. The absolute first thing I want to tell you before getting to what you need to lookout for is that they are amazing dogs. Their average lifespan has been known to be around seven years, that is 4 lower than other breeds of similar size. They are an amazingly strong and kind dog. Provided you give them a suitable diet they’ll be very healthy too. Like any other dog though, they’ve some issues that you will need to take care of or make sure they don’t have before purchasing.
The very very first thing you ought to look into is if they have an aggression issue. A leonberger breed with aggression issues is quite rare but still look out as it is possible. The reasons for an aggressive dog period are: mean past owner, very traumatizing experience when it had been a little puppy, or poor training. Nearly any dog alive would be somewhat aggressive if faced with those problems, but the dog we are talking about is quite big and could be dangerous if it wanted to be.
The next thing you need to find out about your new pet candidate, if it’s already a grown up, if it had early socialization and other forms of training. At the very least socialization is going to be very useful if it’ll be around a lot of kids. You don’t want your dog getting angry at children for not leaving him alone one too many times. In order to attempt to prevent this you ought to teach all the kids that will be around it on a daily basis and your dog how they should treat each other. If you are wanting to get an older dog then you ought to seek professional advice and training for the dog, whoever said you cannot teach an old dog new tricks?. If this is too much of an issue for you, you could find a younger dog that you could train on your own or find another one that was raised around people.
Compared to other dogs of their size, they require suprisingly little room. Walking a leonberger everyday is a huge thing for them since they’re so active with energy all day. If you just let them burn off some energy walking round the block a few times they will be much more well behaved and less energetic. There are lots of thinking toys for dogs out there that you ought to get for your leonberger because they enjoy being mentaly stimulated. If you can’t find any at your local pet store that meet the criterea a quick search on the internet will show you some really inexpensive options you could check out.
All in all these are excellent dogs which are very beautiful and amazingly loyal. I believe they will make a great addition to almost any family out there due to these reasons. When trained and treated properly they’ll get along with people and children, while leading long and healthy lives.

Source by Dan Foote