Where can I buy a parrot?

You can either buy a parrot from a regular pet store, a specialized breeder or an owner looking to sell their bird. You should be careful with the latter option because the original owner may be trying to get rid of their parrot because it exhibits bad behavior. Thus, it’s recommended that you get to know the parrot first before committing to buying it.

Is buying a parrot from a breeder or a pet store better?

The answer to this depends on whether you have a breeder nearby that you can go to without too much hassle. Breeders tend to be a better choice to buy a parrot from than a pet store, even for just the simple reason that they tend to sell their birds for vastly lower prices. Also, breeders tend to be much more knowledgeable about birds and the particular parrot in question. Thus they can provide you with much more specific knowledge about how to best care for your new pet. Also, because they care more about the birds, they are more likely to help find the best match for you when buying a parrot.

What should I be looking for in a baby parrot?

The first thing a baby parrot should be is both fearless and friendly. Parrots are, in general, sociable birds, so they should not be afraid of human contact if they are hand-raised. Well raised baby parrots should get along well with humans, especially children, actively seeking out contact and interaction. You should definitely not purchase a parrot that is an aggressive biter, especially in the case of larger birds. This is because their beaks can be powerful enough to take off a finger if they so desire. However, it is common for baby parrots to nibble at you out of curiosity; but if the parrot bites you until it hurts, it is almost guaranteed to not make a good pet.

Source by Mike Bordon