Nobody wants to think about the fact that, sometimes, disasters do happen, and in a closer range than could ever be comfortable. It can be stressful enough to think about how to keep your fellow humans safe when things get hazardous, but what about pets? What can be done for them to ward off danger and injury? Whether the pet is a bunny, a bird or a dog, it is important to have a plan prepared ahead of time. Therefore, while educating yourself on what to do during the natural disaster, think about what you can do for your pets beforehand, as well.

Make certain that your pet has the proper ID tags, in the scenario that you become separated during the earthquake. On top of that, you might also want to consider getting the pet microchipped. This will ensure that the information is still accessible, even if they lose their collar in the panic and chaos. With this, the chances of becoming reunited are greater. Consult your vet for more information on how to get this procedure done. This should not be delayed; learn more as soon as possible, before it is too late to get anything accomplished.

During the earthquake, in your move to escape the home and the pet is small enough, carry them or have them placed inside a carrier. It will be a lot easier this way, and the chances of them escaping from you and into further danger are small. If the pet is large, attach them to a leash and bring them to safety. Do not worry about grabbing their toys, food dish or other items; your priority is making sure that the pet themselves is safe. That is all that matters; they are the most valuable, after all.

If escaping your home is not possible, particularly if you are located in an apartment, immediately find a good spot in which to take shelter. Make sure that your pet does not crawl underneath anything, such as a table or bed. If they do this, wherever they are hiding might crash, leaving them crushed and in critical condition as a result. Also keep them away from windows, bookshelves and any heavy items that might fall or produce glass shards and other potentially lethal particles during the earthquake. Lay in a fetal position away from these hazards, keeping the pet close.

When making sure that every member of your family is calm and collected during and after the crisis, do not forget to include your pet. With all of the strange sights and sounds around them, they are bound to be tense and frightened. Find the time to offer them comfort and soothing words. Hold them and pet them, so that they know you are there and are not going to leave them.

If you follow these guidelines, success despite enduring a difficult time becomes quite likely. Make sure that both humans and animals are well accounted for and keep your family together.

Source by Michael Goldberg