It is not common for us to see someone clad in clothing made of fur. But, whenever we do see them, we gasp with jealousy because they look attractive in it. But, deep down, we all know that some poor creature has sacrificed its life for just this coat. People have lost their senses to luxury and comfort that they have forgotten about the other living things that will take toll for it. This time, the one caught in the web is none other than Justin Bieber, the teen singing sensation. He was seen wearing a large fur coat stating the winter really made him cold. This is not the first time for him to be caught under such circumstances. When asked if it was real fur, he shouted, “Hell yeah!”.

This did not stop PETA from throwing rage mantras at Justin Bieber. PETA is an organization backed by over wealthy celebrities and they have a problem (maybe), of poking their noses into pretty much anything that involves animals. PETA had already slammed Bieber back in July for posing with animals in a zoo. And this time, they said that Justin Bieber has found his new low. This statement actually seems acceptable, not just for Bieber, but for the entire humanity. If even one does the wrong, the entire race is supposed to take the blame for it. We just have to wait and see if people ever change at all.

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