The love of a dog is a powerful experience.  A dog or puppy greets you when you come home and they are happy to see you in a special way that can only be expressed as joy and unconditional love.  Your dog becomes a member of your family and naturally wants to protect you and develops a need to be with you.  Even if it cannot be a lot of time, you can make five or ten minutes of quality time feel satisfying to your dog.  It is a fact that a pet or dog provides you with better health.  Owning a dog can help to motivate you to walk or get outside.  Especially in parks, it is a great way to meet people or start a conversation with other pet owners and share.  The companionship of a dog is amazing.  They come to you in a giving manor and are content just to be with you in the same room.  All a dog cares about is pleasing its owner and receiving some love in return.  They do not care or notice if your socks match or your hair is a mess or if you own a luxury car.

Dogs and especially puppies are some of the most trainable and teachable animals.  An important part of the care of your dog is establishing some form of communication.  Dog training does not have to be difficult.  There is incredible power to positive re-enforcement which makes the process of training a puppy or dog a lot easier.  The praise you give them can build up and encourage a foundation of positive behavior.

Dog ownership is a wonderful and rewarding experience.  The love and attention of a dog can also be a very powerful stress reliever.  It has been proven by many studies that a dog or pet can literally lower your blood pressure.  Dog training can be incorporated into playtime and can be a rewarding experience for you and your dog.

Imagine if you could have even more enjoyment from your dog with proper training.  Dogs have been domesticated and as a result we have to take some responsibility for their health and care.  A trained dog is a safer dog.  Should their lives become endangered they need to respond to your signal or voice to avoid a possible accident.

There are many dog training techniques and here are some very helpful choices available to help you train your dog.  To learn more, please visit this blog, Dog Training

Source by Sunny