Jealous is an emotion and a dog behavior problem that many people have never seen before, until they bring a new pet home or a new baby. Dogs can become jealous for many reasons, and here are some ways to quickly get your dog over this problem.

A dog can get jealous because when they see a new pet or a new baby getting attention and not them. They feel like they are neglected and left out. Dogs are pack animals, and anything that makes it appear like they are being kicked out of the pack they do not like.

This will make a dog act up and behave badly. Once a dog knows they can get attention for acting badly, then that behavior pattern will continue.

To help your dog improve his behavior and get over any feelings of jealousy, you have to try and include him in activities with the new pet or baby. If you are petting the new dog, use your other hand to pet him too. You should treat your new pets equally to avoid one pet from feeling left out.

If you have a new baby, when you are holding the baby, you could pet the dog with the other hand or allow your dog to be around you when you are taking care of the baby and try to verbally include him in what you are doing.

If you have a dog that is showing signs of jealousy, take some of these steps now to help stop this behavior. Remember that dogs are pack animals and anything that makes them feel like they are not part the pack any more makes them feel threatened.

Source by Luke Blaise