Here’s as weird and exciting as things can get. The world is insane enough to celebrate for extremely weird reasons. That wasn’t a neat premise, but you sure will be attracted to what I’m going to tell. Today, March 14, 2017, is international napping day! March is probably the month where people are stressed out from the year early work pressure and have to sort out how their plans will work for the rest of the year. Well, why not start out with a nap instead? Haha, people are people after all. The internet has been brimming with videos of dogs and cats napping and it has caught everyone’s attention as well! Here’s a set of links where you can see dogs falling asleep in case you missed any of the fun:

1. Iditarod sled dogs doze off to sleep.


2. The sleeping dog!


3. The sleep walking dog!

Wishing you a happy international napping day! Stay tuned for more!

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