A dog crate or kennel is of great importance as it keeps your pet safe inside while you are out at work. Some may consider it as locking your dog; but, the fact is that it helps you and your pet. Moreover, being social animals, they would like to belong to a place as they like the quietness inside.

Selecting the Right Cat Home

Just like dogs, cats too like to be on their own. They do not like travelling in airplanes and cars. This is why; cats’ carriers are very useful when you are on the move. Most felines get agitated and frightened while travelling in a vehicle. There are a few considerations to look at before purchasing the shelter. The size is of utmost importance; the cat should be able to move freely and have enough ventilation. A sturdy carrier of easy maintenance is recommended. If you are planning to travel by air, ensure it satisfies airline requirements. The material is another factor; there are hard and soft ones. The comfort and safety of your pet should be your top priority. An outdoor cathouse is ideal for big ones.

All about Pup Anxiety

Several puppies experience dog anxiety which could be due to several reasons. Some of them include environmental stress, physical or emotional abuse, illness and separation from previous owner. Sometimes, a change in the routine can cause apprehension. Symptoms vary from one animal to the other; it could manifest in the form of excessive barking, increased aggression, trembling and not consuming food. If you notice the puppy crying at night, keep its kennel near your bedroom. This will help in providing the animal visual and auditory stimulation. Dogs need companionship; therefore, talking to them and being with them can reduce their stress. Puppy anxiety is caused due to separation; this is often seen when you bring the pup home for the first time. Proper training can get rid of the problem.

Bird Shelters

Ducks need proper protection from their predators; so, before getting these aquatic birds, buy duck homes that are predator-proof. Bamboo or wood can be used to make them or you can purchase them online. Some online stores sell versatile homes that can shelter a two or more of the birds. Chickens need straw-lined boxes for nesting and laying eggs. Ducks require a ramp as these birds are not so agile. A chicken house run is also available online. It is a simple wired mesh that forms a good enclosure. The area protects the birds from predators; it also provides them the freedom to move around which is essential for growth. A chicken run is essential to prevent the birds from running away and damaging your garden

Source by Helen Jones