Established packaged food maker Hormel has put work and operations on hold at one of its workplaces in Oklahoma, after a video went viral on YouTube. The video which has a runtime of around 2 minutes shows the unruly behavior of the workers at the farm. The workers at the farm were found abusing and harassing the pigs there. The pigs were constrained in extremely small enclosures and were left untreated to their injuries and illness without professional veterinary care. The video was released to the public by Mercy For Animals, an animal activist rights group.

Hormel is looking into this issue with some serious vision. It has promised to send some third party auditors to investigate whether the claims made in the video are real. The Maschhoffs farm has stated they have already begun their own investigations. They have also planned on training all the employees as per the proper procedures. This is not the first time that Hormel has been accused of mistreating animals. The animal activist groups have been releasing such videos for years now claiming mistreatment of animals at the industrial farmhouses. We hope things like this get noticed in the eyes of law. Animals deserve a better standard of living.