We have adapted to a specific lifestyle and we clearly know which food is healthy for us and which is not. But, dogs are not like that. They are most likely to eat anything they recognize as food. In the worst cases, they may end up consuming something that might put their life at risk. Chocolate is one such example. They are good for us but never let your dog even get the smell of chocolates. Chocolates contain theobromine. Humans can easily metabolize it, but dogs cannot. Large consumptions may even lead to the death of the poor animal. So, here’s a list of healthy food you can actually feed your dog without worrying.

1. Peanut Butter: This long-lasting food item has high levels of protein and vitamins. It tastes better when served with a small amount of salt. Your dog is not going to tell no for this.

2. Chicken: This is one food item that humans have been using to feed dogs since ancient times. It harms neither the humans nor the dogs. But, make sure you don’t serve cooked bones to your dog. Raw bones are healthier than cooked ones.

3. Cheese: Before blindly feeding cheese to your dog, make sure it is lactose intolerant. Just like humans, dogs too suffer from lactose intolerance.

4. Carrots: Low in calories and high in other balanced diets, carrots may end up being the best treat for your overweight dog. Moreover, you can expect your dogs teeth to grow stronger due to excessive chewing.

5. Pumpkin: Raw pumpkin is the best meal for dogs with a sensitive stomach. It is rich in fibers and vitamin A.

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