Building a bird house is very interesting thing to do. Everybody loves birds and you can provide these birds a place to live at your backyard. The bird house saves the birds from their enemies and provides shelter to them. Bird houses give an attractive look to the backyards with stylish painted bird houses. Keeping different color combinations attract different birds. And it also helps to witness some beautiful colored birds in your backyard and getting a chance to become one with the nature.

Birds like their nests at a height and you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a tree. The bird houses should be made at a height of six feet from the ground level which helps in attracting more birds. There are some species of birds those prefer a height of maximum twenty feet high from the ground level. By nature these birds are like that only that they prefer making their homes at such an elevation as they feel safer.

An appropriate bird house should be able to provide cover and protection for the birds. The bird houses should be able to protect them in all weather. It should also provide proper exposure to air. During the summer weather the bird houses should be kept shaded as the eggs needs proper temperature to get hatched. The bird houses should have the roofs that overhang at the entrance. The bird houses should be hinge gap from the base so that it could easily get cleaned.

Here are some guidelines before you make a final decision:

    • First and foremost it is very important to decide which type of birds you want to keep, so that the shape is appropriate. Keeping the openings small will attract small birds.
    • Ducks, Woodpeckers, and other large birds require bird houses with bigger space.
    • The material should be made up of wood. The bird houses could also be made by metal but it might be dangerous for the birds as there is a risk of excessive heating in the summers. A bird house is appropriate if it is made up of wood as they coming out or newly born. Making use of paint could also be harmful for the new born as there is a risk of chemical reaction. If you want to use paint or some decorative products then make it sure that it is used at the outside of the bird house.
    • Introducing the bird houses with green surroundings has a negative impact as the birds you want to attract might not even notice the bird house you have built. The other major reason is the risk of other predators could easily target. Majority of the birds prefer making their bird houses on the trees which are dead. It is also safer from getting attacked by some predator as the attacker won’t get any place to hide.
    • If you are planning to keep more than one family then make sure that you situate them separately. It is in the nature of some birds that they are very protective about their nests and choose to live in solitude. Preferably it should be kept at such a distance that they are not visible to each other. You should make them as comfortable as possible and the birds should not think unsafe for one moment otherwise they will be forced to desert your bird house.

To make the birds feel good make sure to apply bird baths and shower with seeds of the flowers. In the end make sure that the bird house that you select has a door or an opening so that it is convenient to change the nests. There should be proper arrangement of drainage. Keep in mind the height for hanging the bird house while you are deciding a particular spot as it matters a lot.

Source by Baker