Give it up for the third largest mammals living on land, the Hippopotamuses. Though they are branded as land animals, they usually spend most of their time in rivers, lakes, and ponds. Don’t take these animals for granted. They have zero percent tolerance towards humans and will attack almost anyone who threatens their territory.


Let’s see some fun facts about this animal:

1. There are two types of Hippopotamuses: The common Hippopotamus and the pygmy Hippopotamus. The common ones are much larger than the pygmy ones and can weigh up to 7000 pounds while the others barely reach one-tenth of this number.
2. The pygmy Hippopotamus is rare to find.
3. A group of Hippopotamuses is called a herd, pod, or a bloat. A herd has a maximum of 30 Hippopotamuses.
4. These animals have adapted very well to aquatic conditions. When they dive underwater, their nostrils and ears get automatically closed!
5. Although they are terrific animals, they are strictly vegetarian and thus, are herbivores.

6. Despite their heavy weight, they can run much faster than humans. That’s why it is dangerous to confront a Hippopotamus.
7. A Hippopotamus’s sound is as loud as a lion’s roar!
8. Pregnancy lasts for around 8 months. There are no twins or triplets born, but only an individual baby. The mother Hippopotamus is extremely protective of the babies and protects them at any cost.
9. Hippopotamuses can live up to 45 years when set free in the wild.


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