Picking a dog in a family with children can be quite tough. For one, the image of dogs “attacking children” can be quite scary. This means that you have to go beyond what is superficial and choose a dog with a generally good temperament. You need a pet who can be patient enough to tolerate your children’s horseplay and at the same time protect them when absolutely necessary. Apart from that, an ideal house pet should be obedient and easy to train.

To give you an idea here are a few good dog breeds for children.

Bull Mastiff

Their huge bodies and massive head can make them quite formidable. But these giants can be the gentlest pet that you and your children can ever encounter. They are preferred by most of the families because of their utmost loyalty and protectiveness. Mastiff owners should incorporate the puppy as early as possible. Letting them grow side by side with your children bonds them more and enforces strong relationship with your family.


Boxers are known for their intelligence and love for company. They can be warm to their own “family” but they can be quite tough to strangers. Thus, they can be the perfect companion and guard dog to your children. However, it is extremely important to make sure that they are trained properly. Their instinct can easily take them over if they are given much independence.

Labrador Retrievers

Labs are fun loving and are relatively easy to train. Their patience and stamina make them great with children. They love attention, outdoor fun and keeping almost anyone company.


These toy dogs are generally friendly and are extremely loyal. They do not mind mingling with other people and other dogs as well.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Rets aims to please their owners. They are happy whenever they see your kids having fun. They are perhaps the most obedient, caring and gentle breed one can ever encounter. And the downside? They would chew almost everything during their bored or hyperactive fits.


Their temperament is what made them a famous household name. They can be friendly to everybody and is generally good natured. Their loud and long barks can make them ideal for a watch dog. At the same time, they are known to easily co – exist with other house pets as well.

Doberman Pinscher

A Dobe needs an owner who is both caring and disciplinarian. They love their family and they love anybody who loves their family as well. They are quite particular with their own hygiene and their short coat makes them ideal for staying at home.

Agentine Dogo

The Dogo is another gentle giant. Just like Dobes, they need discipline and rigid training. When taught properly, they can be quite considerate with their kids. They love their own pack but they can easily show aggression to the people that they do not know.

Those are some of the breeds that you may want to consider. Regardless of what you pick, you have to remember that dogs are still dogs, no matter what their temperament is, if they are mistreated, they are bound to react to their defense. So to make a dog more suitable for your family, make sure that you treat them as how you would treat your own children.

Source by Kevin Heathfield