wilko-kingchase georgeWant to make your supermarket a grand success? Get a cat like George. The Wilko store in the Kings Chase Shopping Centre in Kingswood, Bristol, is now quite the talk of the town because of him. This cat appeared from nowhere around New Year’s eve and has been visiting at least thrice a day without fail.

The owners have no idea about who owns this cat. But, since he’s been doing no harm, they’ve taken him as their store resident. This cat, on its peak of cuteness, even takes care of the store. He greets the customers too! Wait for it. He even has a Facebook page dedicated to him that’s created by a customer named Michelle, and is a huge local celebrity in town! This guy probably trusts everyone at the store. He can be found sleeping happily on the rugs in the store.

The customers are overjoyed and a few make visits just to pet George. Yes, he isn’t the type of cat that would run away when you try to pet it. George loves it when someone pets him and is 0% annoyed. A woman once mistook him for a statue as he never seemed to move much! George might just be in line for the Employee of the month award at the Wilko store. Haha. The Facebook page owners are posting his photos to find out his owner, but until then, let the customers enjoy his company and purrs! This is cuteness overloaded!

wilko-store george

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